Life in Colorado

I am so blessed to be a Colorado girl! Although I am not a native, I have lived in the Denver metro area for most of my life. I have always loved hiking and Colorado is the perfect place for that. Since rescuing my dog, Lady, February of 2019, I have been taking advantage of the beautiful trails more often than ever. All of the pictures featured on this cite have been captured by yours truly.

Hiking in Castlewood Canyon (CO)

Lady the Rescue Dog

Mountain Tops to Ocean Views

I have a passion for travel and am very savvy at finding ways to get away as often as possible. One of the rules I live by is to always find a way to make experiences happen: there is always more opportunity to work, but less opportunity for epic adventures. Carpe diem! Truly, I do believe that you can have luxury experiences without shelling out a luxury-caliber budget.


I am one of six kids! Being a part of such a big family has shaped who I am today in so many ways. Each of us is unique and we have a lot of different personalities within the family, but we are all very close and spend a lot of time together.

Nicholas, myself, and Monikka

Pursue Your PASSION

A New Journey

Recently, I have embarked upon a new career path. Luckily, I find myself to be more productive and concentrated on my goals when I am busier. Stay tuned for updates on this new adventure!

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