Meet Lady


So February 5th this year, my siblings were up late chatting with my mom when we talked about possibly getting a puppy. We went online to Denver Dumb Friends League and saw that they had 3 Australian cattle dog that were just 11 weeks old and decided it was fate.

The next day we headed to Denver, and by the time we got there there were only 2 of the 3 left. Plus, this family that was there before us were looking at the same little puppy, Darcy. Now I had nothing against getting a boy dog–I just had never had one before and didn’t know much about raising a boy puppy. Donnie, Darcy’s brother, was so adorable and I honestly fell in love with them both. After my sister and I had met both puppies, we went out to meet with the volunteers who told us the family before us decided to take Donnie.

At that point it was getting real to me that I was going to be responsible for a tiny little bundle of joy all on my own, but any apprehension disappeared when that 8 pound bundle of energy was in my arms. Darcy–now Lady–and her two siblings were rescued somewhere in Texas at a month old, and they were all adopted on February 6th.

Now the name Lady wasn’t planned or thought out at all. I, actually, used to call everyone that: “Hey, lady?” or “What’s goin’ on, lady?” And I think, because I’m a 90’s baby, the name Lady was always an option because of Lady and the Tramp. I’m not exactly sure of my thought process… We just started calling her Lady and she responded right away. Game of Thrones wasn’t even a factor until after we named her when my younger brother and I attempted to watch the whole series from start to finish before the last season came out.

Before I got my own puppy, I was not necessarily what they would call a “dog person,” but dogs definitely had a place in my heart. As I sit here writing this with Lady next to me on the couch, I can full-fledged say that I am an obsessive dog mom. She is my child. She is my pride and joy. She is my best friend.

Looking back, it was definitely not the right time for me to get a dog. BUT, if you wait for the perfect time to do anything, it will never come. I am so lucky to have made that spur-of-the-moment decision that day because it was the best decision I’ve made in my life.

This is my girl now–almost 8 months old.


What’s your best puppy advice? Comment and let me know!



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