Be Relentless

Most people who know me know how often I use the word “relentless.” I use it so much because I really believe that anything can be achieved if you are relentless in your pursuit. Because I use it in more of a powerful way, it’s strange to me that there is such a negative connotation around the word; however, the dictionary definition is “oppressively constant or incessant” or “harsh or inflexible.”

Although that is the meaning of the word, I think it makes perfect sense to be inflexible when it comes to accomplishing your goals. You shouldn’t ever compromise what you want out of this life because of the hurdles you may have to go through to get there. When you come to a barrier, you should do everything possible to get through it–you didn’t make it this far in life by backing down from challenges. At some point, you’ve had to rise to the occasion and decide whether to fight for what you want or walk away empty handed.

Most goals are something you have to put your blood, sweat, and tears into, so why would you give up after already working so hard? Being relentless is what gets you from “almost there” to “already there.” And you are responsible for making your dreams come true.

Your goals should be pursued with unending passion. Be relentless with your goals and dreams–don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of your journey towards success. You have every right to be unstoppable when it comes to getting where you want to go.

Like everything, there is a downfall to being relentless in certain areas of your life; specifically, in situations you aren’t in control of. In these circumstances, it could be best to walk away. However, when it comes to your life and things you can control, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to make things happen.

Failure should never be an option. If a problem comes up, find the solution. Choosing to succeed and doing what it takes to get there despite the sacrifices is being relentless. There is no greater reward than reaching success knowing everything you did to get there–knowing that, when you faced adversity, it never stopped you from pushing through.

Be solution driven. Be consistent. Be relentless.


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10 thoughts on “Be Relentless

  1. Love the post -speaking on passion and relentlessness reminded me of a speech by Elizabeth Gilbert, she classifies people like that as “jack hammers,” but she also classifies those who are “hummingbirds.” I think you’d enjoy, you’re definitely a jackhammer. -xoxo, Jess


  2. Ain’t this the truth and what I need a constant reminder of daily. It’s so easy to feel like the world is already saturated with my special skills/gifts that my contribution might not mean what I want it to. But if I pursue, regardless of my surroundings, I know the universe will meet me in my path! Great post


  3. That word “Relentless” has such a great energy around it. It is one that we all should add to our vocabulary as well. As we grow and learn throughout life, we need a mind-set like you describe in this blog to keep going. Love it!

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  4. Great post! Have you ever heard the quote, “I didn’t get this far only to get this far.” Your post made me think of quote for sure!!

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  5. This message really resonates with me, Sonja. That’s not a word or phrase I use, but perhaps I should add it to my vocabulary. Starting my website has been a learning experience for me, and getting push back from different people ‘it will never make any money’ or ‘it’s not authentic enough’ are things that I hear unfortunately from people close to me, but if I can just remember to be relentless and push on, I believe in what I’m making and that it will succeed as long as I put the time in and remain relentless in my work on it. So thanks for this message!

    – Sarah from

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