Inspired by Music

Music has such a powerful way of connecting to you and making you feel something. Nature has the same affect. Put the two together, and the feeling you get is hard to put into words. I guess, in a way, it makes you vulnerable–feeling so emotionally drawn to music and mesmerized by scenery at the same time.

I have been to many concerts in some of the most beautiful venues. It’s helpful that I am lucky enough to live in such a scenic state like Colorado where there are  amazing outdoor venues. There’s just nothing like feeling the vibration of  the music and having it played to you live while watching the sun set. Saturday, at the Cody Jinks concert at Red Rocks, my friends and I kept saying how lucky we are to be able to have views like this every day. It’s the perfect combination of meaningful music and breathtaking scenery that makes me feel so inspired.

The artists who performed all spoke about how Red Rocks was a bucket list venue for everyone in the industry, and they were in awe over performing there. Well, after the concert I looked up the first artist, Paul Cauthen, on Instagram to see if we are actually visible in that infamous Red Rocks selfie (which we were); however, I came across another one of his posts that caught my attention. He mentioned that years ago  he was going through a tough time when he moved to Lakewood. He  continues to say that he hiked Red Rocks and thought of how great it would be to perform there one day. Well, Saturday was that day for him, and he totally killed his performance.

Aside from the fact that this may have been the best concert I have ever been to, I felt so inspired just from one person making his dreams a reality. How epic would it be to look at something and say, “one day I’ll be there,” and actually do it? I don’t know the route he took to check off the bucket list venue, but I’m sure it was extremely challenging and required a lot of hard work. But, to see how amazed he was by all of his hard work coming to fruition was a beautiful thing. Aside from Cody Jinks a couple of hours later, I had never seen anything like it. Nothing is as inspirational as watching someones wildest dreams come true.

It’s the moment they realize, “I made it.” And it is priceless.

What inspires you?



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  1. tinataz240 says:

    The experience of feeling the vibrations of the music played in your presence is simply amazing and one of my most favorite experiences I’d have to say. And, yes, the same goest for the awesomeness of nature that surrounds us on a daily basis – so perfectly designed and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Viano Dee says:

    Music is beautiful and soothing and it is really cool to see someone’s wildest dreams come true. But it’s more amazing when those dreams are yours.



    Music does get me motivated as well, I find certain songs really pump me up more than others too.

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  4. The outdoors and music definitely go together. We love the Jazz festival in Monterey, CA

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  5. Deola says:

    I am definitely inspired by stories of people who defy all odds to make their dreams a reality.

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  6. AWalkerWorld says:

    This post was amazing! I often think about stuff like this, so it’s cool to see it in a post. One day I’ll make my own dreams come true, and that’s so exciting to me!

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  7. The vibrations of Red Rocks is amazing – we’ve seen Big Head Todd there a number of times and it never disappoints! Making dreams come true is empowering – whether it’s playing a venue or simply making the perfect pasta! Do what brings us joy!

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  8. Syd says:

    Music is so powerful in the way that it makes us feel things, holds memories, and can even call us to action

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  9. tcleland88 says:

    My daughter lives in Denver, and I was able to visit the Red Rocks area this summer. What a gorgeous area of the country! I’d love to come back for a concert.

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  10. athomewithmomma says:

    There are so many great sceneries to see and you are right music makes everything so powerful. In fact, music can help you feel inspired and grateful which makes the sites even more special.

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  11. This is so true. Music and nature are the best refreshment for my mind and soul. Music has worked well for me to handle different emotions and helped me to get up and get going. Thanks for sharing and reminding.

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