25 Things Before 25: Number 2 Books

Can you take a guess?

Books! I will read 25 books I haven’t read before. I will likely read more than 25 books throughout the year, but for blog posts and to meet the challenge, we are going with 25.

Love for Reading

This will, honestly, be one that I will enjoy most. I love reading, but I lost touch with the passion I had for reading during college. I think because I had so many things I had to read, I spent less time reading books for my own joy. When I was a kid, my parents would let us have a sleepover for every book we read, and I never had an issue with that because I loved reading so much. So after years, I am so excited to tap back in to my love for reading.

Self Improvement

Over the past year I have read many books that have totally inspired me including You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. I find when I read books that get me fired up, I absolutely can’t set them down. The moment I do, I must be ready to take action and immediately do something for self improvement. The books I included at the beginning of this posts are all on my reading list and were recommended to me by my mother. My mom, who can read a 300 page book in day, has recommended so many books in this genre that I had to tell her to slow down in order to take recommendations from other people! So please let me know any recommendations you all may have in the comments below!

For anyone looking for a good book to read, check out my mom’s book Keys To Living Joyfully or click on the picture below!

Thank you all for your support in my 25 Things Before 25 challenge!


Sonja Hoff

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6 thoughts on “25 Things Before 25: Number 2 Books

  1. You are a Badass is a great book. Reading is a key to growth and success for many people. I used to love it but the working life made me lose the habit and I am trying to gain it back now. It was a lot of fiction before but now I am focused on non fiction for personal development and some very moving personal memoirs.

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