25 Things Before 25: Number 5 Styled by Mom

Let my mom style me 25 times!

Lighten Up!

So I had to throw a goofy one in here, and I thought this would be so fun! I think a lot of these challenges I have created for myself are pretty serious and are a part of me accomplishing my personal goals, and this is no different! A big thing I am working on personally is stepping out of my comfort zone, and what better way to do that than to wear something that I did not choose for myself.


In order to stay true to the challenge, I wanted to absolutely dedicate myself to this; hence, some rules to keep me in check!

  1. I have to wear the outfit for a whole day (not just to snap a picture).
  2. I must leave the house in the outfit and interact with people.
  3. I have to give each one a chance. No saying “no!”


Now, seeing how stylish my mom really is and knowing that she has good taste may make you all think this should be the easiest thing on the list of challenges. However, it is more of a mental thing than anything. New clothes for me are exciting but really intimidating. People who struggle with body image issues can be really self-conscious about the things they wear, so it is hard to wear things that others may think look good but you are unsure about. That being said, I have been doing the mental preparation for this for the last 5 months (6, once the challenge officially begins), so I am committed and hoping for the best!

Wish me and my mom good luck with this one! I know it will be so much fun, and I can’t wait for the laughter and tears (because of the laughter)!

Would you ever let your mom style you? Why, or why not?


Sonja Hoff

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7 thoughts on “25 Things Before 25: Number 5 Styled by Mom

  1. That challenge is actually kinda intimidating…lol But I a pretty sure your mom would love you to look fabulous anyway. Will you be sharing the challenge on insta stories too? Best luck to you and have fun!

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