25 Things Before 25: Number 7 Water

Put my feet in 25 different bodies of water!

Back to My Childhood

I am originally from Wisconsin, but moved to Colorado as a kid. Every summer, we would take multiple road trips back to Wisconsin and Minnesota to see family. We would always take the same route through Nebraska, Iowa, and up through Minnesota. One summer, my mom thought it would be fun to try and put our feet in as many bodies of water as possible. I can’t remember how many we got to, but I remember how fun it was! By adding this to my list of adventures, it’ll be a way to kind of re-live my childhood.

My Other Adventures

If you think about this challenge, I have 25 categories in which I will complete 25 variations, which means 625 total tasks. That kind of seems like a lot to plan out for the course of one year. That is why, I created this adventure in a way that builds upon itself. I have already shared that I will be going to 25 different states, so I thought it would work well to add this into the mix of things I can do while I am traveling. If I have a few varieties of activities to accomplish while I am traveling, I will check off each of these 625 adventures more easily.

Ideas and Input

I know there are some spectacular beaches, rivers, and hot springs throughout the United States, so if any of you have recommendations, I’d love to read them in the comments!

Thanks for all of your support!


Sonja Hoff

P.S. This picture is actually from the trip I mentioned above–at a lake in Minnesota!

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