25 Things Before 25: Number 11 Concerts

Go to 25 concerts!

My First Concerts

I never went to a live concert until I was 15 and I went to Wiz Khalifa with my best friend, Jessica. She randomly came over and asked if I could go just hours before the concert and off we went! The following year, Jessica, my friend Cami, my sisters, my mom, my little brother, and I went to see Steel Magnolia and Chris Young at the Greeley Stampede. After that, it had been over a year until I went to another concert and so many things transpired in that year that I used music to help me cope.

Once I graduated high school, my sister and I went to at least one concert a week over the summer! It definitely wasn’t a $150 per ticket type of concert every time–sometimes it would be a $20 concert at the Grizzly Rose. That was one of the best summers of my life! And I found some amazing artists I might have never listened to before seeing them live.

I LOVE live Music

I have always had a connection to music from a young age and participated in choir, played piano, and took violin lessons. Maybe that is why I feel like I connect so much more with music when it is live. There is just something about the atmosphere that makes you feel totally immersed in the music. I love just hearing a song and completely relating to it, especially when it is live. It makes me feel like when I am in church and the Pastor gives a sermon that I feel like was directed towards my current situation.

That happened to me at the two concerts I went to this summer: Cody Jinks and Zac Brown Band. At the Cody Jinks concert, there was a song that he sang that I completely forgot about. When he sang it, my soul felt every word. Hearing him sing this song made me realize how much I related to the situation he wrote about, and it showed me the urgency to make a few more changes. At the Zac Brown Band concert, he debuted a new song called “Someone That I Used to Know” and I related to that so much with where used to be in comparison to where I am in my life right now. It’s my song that I play in the car with the windows down and it makes me feel so good somehow.

Bonus: Bucket List Item

So, I don’t actually have a written bucket list, but if I did, the first thing on it would be to see a concert from the front row. It is something I haven’t done before. Ever. And I know that it’s not reasonable to think I’ll go to every concert in the front row, but I just HAVE to do it once. Imagine the connection I would have being front row when all I have written about thus far are mid-range seats. I love concerts enough as it is, but I just can’t wait to experience this once over the next year. With 25 concerts, I think it will be reasonable to get front row to one of them!

I have a few artists I am planning on seeing in the upcoming months, and I will share those all on my social media pages. As far as my music interest, I clearly have a broad range in taste. All recommendations are welcome in the comments!

Thanks for all of your support!


Sonja Hoff

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