25 Things Before 25: Number 14 Shop Local

Shop at 25 local businesses!

My Parents

Both of my parents own their own businesses: my mom owns a business coaching company and my dad owns an auto body repair shop! Seeing as my parents are both in business for themselves, I was raised to understand the importance of supporting local businesses. The difference between purchasing from a corporation versus purchasing a product or service from a sole proprietor is sometimes more costly, but it is totally worth it.

Supporting Local Economies

I went on a mission trip to Los Angeles when I was fairly young. During this trip, we spent most of our time in different impoverished communities. We were instructed before the trip to bring spending money so we could buy things at local markets. It was then that I really learned the importance of buying from the locals in a community. Yes, I may have gotten a better price for a similar item at a chain grocery store, but the money that you pay to a local store will likely stay in the local community which helps to stimulate that economy. Plus, all of those corporations are growing either way, but it takes local support to keep local businesses growing.

My Goal

I hope to make this more a part of my everyday habits rather than to just meet this challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon, Target, and King Soopers for their convenience and reasonable prices. I would just love to see more small businesses stay in business and flourish. SO, I am going to shop local where I can and be more supportive of local businesses on social media, as well!

I do plan on implementing this while I travel to other states (and, maybe, countries), too!

Remember that supporting local businesses means supporting local families!


Sonja Hoff

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