25 Things Before 25: Number 16 Firsts

I will do 25 activities for the first time!

Comfort Zone

I have talked a lot about how I want to step out of my comfort zone during this journey. I figured—while I will have a lot of firsts planned along this journey—I want to highlight the “firsts” for things I’ve never done! This all started with planning to go skydiving with some of my family in the fall. I’ve never been, and I think that is something intimidating and definitely outside of most people’s comfort zones. So, you all will get to see me try things that I’ve never done before.


The first is to go skydiving—start big, right? Well, the rest of my ideas aren’t as huge and scary, but they are experiences I have wanted to try for a while! For instance, I want to go on the alpine slide, try skiing on an actual mountain, stay at the Stanley hotel, and go to salt caves! All of these things I can do in Colorado… where I have lived for 15 years and still haven’t done! (Although the salt caves are relatively new).

For things that I can’t do in my beautiful home state, I am hoping to go parasailing, get SCUBA certified, ride a ferry, and see the Northern Lights (as I mentioned before). This may be a lot to accomplish in one year, so I am not putting these things down as something I HAVE to do. These are just ideas for things that I haven’t done that I want to do (hopefully) this year!

This may be the hardest one to do, but I can’t wait to really push myself to try new things this year!

Thanks for the love and support!


Sonja Hoff

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