25 Things Before 25: Number 19 Pay it Forward

Pay it forward 25 times!

My Sister

Years ago, my sister and her friend would do a random act of kindness every Tuesday for a random person or friend. I obviously stole this idea from them because I thought it would be a great way to spread joy. My whole goal is to find joy in the journey, as you can see on my homepage. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others happy and that is the point of this part of the challenge. To see my sister do this weekly at the young age of 19 or 20 was so inspiring and I hope to not only implement this for the next year, but consistently for the rest of my life. After all, it is important to share the love in the community and show others someone else has their happiness in mind.


If you ever buy a coffee in the drive-thru for the person behind you, it usually starts a chain reaction: the next person buys for the person behind them, and that person buys for the person behind them, and so on. Then you have the effect of so many people feeling like someone was generous to them and they, also, paid it forward. It really creates good feelings all around. Plus, the smallest act of buying someones coffee could be the one thing that turns around someones bad day, stressful morning, or hectic schedule. All it takes is something simple to put a smile on someones face. And that is all I am trying to do here!

Thanks for the support guys!

Spread the joy!


Sonja Hoff

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10 thoughts on “25 Things Before 25: Number 19 Pay it Forward

  1. YESS I love this. Sometimes we forget that power of just being kind. If we all did this the world would be such a better place. Loving this series btw.

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  2. This is such a lovely encouragement and reminder, Sonja! At the end of last summer, I was picking up a couple of items at the grocery store on what had so far been a stressful day. To my surprise, the woman who had been ahead of me in line (it was a self-checkout line) came back to the checkout and swiped her credit card through, paying for my groceries! She said she just wanted to do a random act of kindness. The unexpected beauty of her kindness just about made me cry, and definitely turned my day around. Random acts of kindness really are powerful!

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