25 Things Before 25: Week 1 Update


What an epic week! Here’s what happened:

Trip to Florida

So the first week after turning 24 has been interesting to say the least. It began in Florida at my sisters new house in Tampa. My friend, Dana, and I went down there to visit my sister and celebrate my birthday. This trip was nothing short of amazing! For the last few months, all I could dream of was being on a beach somewhere. Dana and I went to Dunedin, Florida on Thursday, and then Dana, Monikka, and I went to Clearwater Beach on Friday and Saturday. I had never been to either before and, while no beach could ever compare to the beauty of Clearwater, we had a great time at both beaches!

First Time in Tampa

I realized that, even though I have been to Florida many times, I had never been to Tampa before this trip! The only unfortunate thing about this trip was that I didn’t get to log a new state by being in a different state than Colorado. I figure that I will be revisiting a lot of states I have already been to throughout the year because of family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Number 20 of 25 Things Before 25 includes me visiting 25 out of state family members.

What I Have Accomplished

While 25 Things Before 25 is a huge part of my life and things I want to accomplish this year, I am not only centering this year around my challenges that are a part of it. I am centering this year around personal care and growth with adventure sprinkled into the mix. The first week of 25 Things Before 25 included so much adventure, but I did not accomplish as much of the tasks as I thought I would in Week 1. I am, however, very proud to share with you all what I did accomplish:

  1. Read Dodging Energy Vampires by Chistine Northrup, M.D. (Number 2)
  2. Had coffee with someone I love–Miss Dana Swenson (Number 4)
  3. Visited 2 beaches–Dunedin and Clearwater (Number 7)
  4. Completed 1 of my routine workouts (Number 8)
  5. Got a new set of nails (Number 9)
  6. Had 2 firsts–visiting the gulf side of Florida and getting stung by a sting ray (Number 16)
  7. Captured on beautiful sunset on Clearwater Beach (Number 17)
  8. Tried 4(+) new products (Number 18)
  9. Visited my sister, Monikka, out of state–Tampa, FL (Number 20)

My Progress in Perspective

All in all, I completed 14 of what will be 900 tasks! That seems a little overwhelming, right? Well, I am not letting anything discourage me! Also, 300 of those tasks are part of the Routine Workouts (Number 8), because it includes 25 workouts per month for a year. That is one thing that is just part of my daily life after the last 6 months. Adding it to the challenge is more of a way to keep consistency and hold myself accountable rather than adding a far-fetched change in lifestyle. Bringing it down to 600 tasks–now 587 tasks–seems like a lot less!

I spent five of the days in this week out of state, so the non-travel tasks will be more focused on in the coming weeks. I did take Tuesday and Wednesday off of working out because of the hectic combination of travel and work. I can’t wait to push myself more and see what more I can accomplish this month! That being said…

Goals for October

I do have a crazy work schedule this month, so that should add an interesting spin on this challenge! Surprisingly, I think that I am more productive the busier I am… anyone else? Here is what I am pushing myself to accomplish this month:

  1. Have at least one thing in each category completed by the end of the month, since I have 14 categories with nothing in them after the first week.
  2. Post 2 or more blogs per week describing these adventures.
  3. Add videos of my experiences to Instagram!

Thanks for tuning in to see the fun and adventures of 25 Things Before 25! I will have more blogs to come that include the products I have tried, the EPIC book that I read, and stories from my trip (including how I got stung by a sting ray)!


Sonja Hoff

P.S. You all can expect a weekly update on the 25 Things Before 25 journey every Monday!

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