How I Turn Around My “Off” Days

I am writing to you all from my bed super sick. I have been fighting this cold for a few days now, and I am really feeling it today! Yesterday was interesting for me because it was one of those days where I couldn’t beat the exhaustion and was not feeling 100%. It isn’t often, but when my day starts like this, I have a hard time getting into the groove of things unless I interrupt it early on. Here is how I pulled myself out of this slump and turned my day around:


My whole day yesterday I felt like I was in a funk. As those of you who read my blogs know, I usually workout everyday at 5 am and yesterday I just didn’t make it happen. I had to work at 6:45 and had a long day the day before, so I let my exhaustion tell me what to do–which is not something I would recommend. Aside from the endorphins and surge of energy, working out just makes you feel good about yourself. When you start your day with a win, it sets a good tone for the rest of the day. As my mom would say, “You’ve already won the day!” That being said, I didn’t win the day until about 8:30 pm yesterday because that is just the way it went. Some days it is just a win to get any type of workout in. I, surprisingly, had an awesome workout, too!

Get Ready

Sometimes we can work from the outside, in. I know that isn’t what most would recommend, but there is just something about doing a little extra on the outside that makes the inside feel better. When I am wearing an outfit that I feel good in and my makeup and hair are done, I just automatically feel better. You know the old saying “Look good, feel good”? Yeah, it’s true sometimes. Sometimes you’re running late, you are self-conscious about your skin breaking out, and you can’t stop coughing, but the one thing you don’t have to worry about is your outfit… because it’s fire!

Hang Out With Good Friends

During this type of day, I would usually get off work and rush into yoga pants to chill out for the night and be slightly productive. Instead, I kind of was dragged out by my own desire to be surrounded by great people who uplift me. When I just wanted to go home, I made myself go out and be around people who make me feel like the best me. The people who know you can have that ability to just make you feel better with their presence. It’s the unconditional love and positive vibes that are impossible to not let in. They don’t need to circle around you and tell you how great you are, just being there for you and wanting to spend their time with you can be powerful enough to lift you out of a slump.

Go For a Drive

Finding a road with no stop lights and lots of twists and turns, putting on a playlist that speaks to your soul, and letting go of the stresses of the world is a wonderful experience. A little seclusion can really mend your attitude, because whatever you are feeling can be processed without taking it out on someone else. Yes, you shouldn’t drive while in an extremely emotional state. But on those “blah” days where you just feel a little down, with the stereo up and windows down, a drive can be soothing to the soul.

Listen to Great Music

Usually, I loop this into my workout and my drive because music is so therapeutic for me. When I find a good song, it seems like I could listen to it a million times. I don’t… But I do use it to guide the rest of the music. Sometimes I just end up downloading the album of that song and giving the other songs a listen to get more familiar with the artists work. Other times, I go on Apple Music where I can usually find a good playlist by searching for that one song. It will suggest other good songs or playlists related to that song. Then, I can just lean back and relax without having to change or search for a new song every 3.5 minutes.

Yes, there are days where I listen to ballads and just belt them out along with the track in my car; however, on these days I find it best to find a more empowering song that makes me feel strong and inspired. For me, I played the song “River” by Bishop Briggs and got so pumped up while I was driving, so I downloaded the whole album and listened to it during my workout. I think I had one of the best cardio workouts ever listening to this album. Maybe it’s the pace of the songs, or the message, or maybe a combination of both–all I know is those songs spoke to my soul and made me feel invincible. Music does that for me sometimes though.

Words of Wisdom

Whether it’s scripture, a good quote, or a talk with your mom, hearing some words of encouragement can go a long way. I used all of these yesterday when I really just felt bad about where I was. Tuesday night I randomly bought a set of prayer cards because I am a sucker for interesting things placed near a cash register. I felt like it was one of those things that I needed to buy. I kind of forgot about these cards until I went into my trunk to find something and saw them still in the bag. I went inside and opened them to only take one card. There are times when I really think there is divine intervention trying to guide you and place things in your path specifically for your situation you are in. This is the card I grabbed:

It was so comforting to read this because it made me feel comforted at I time where I wasn’t feeling secure in myself.

The next thing I would love to share with you all is this app I have had for a while called “Motivation.” I have mine set up to automatically alert me 5 times a day between a specific time window. Just like a text or notification, it alerts me with a motivation quote or saying. It is so perfect because it isn’t something you have to seek out: you set it up for your ideal number of notifications and then forget about it. Then, at those specific times that you already forgot about, a nice motivational quote pops up on your phone. I find it hard to not feel inspired by all of these quotes. All it takes is that little bit of inspiration to change the pace of an off day.

I hope all of these tips are helpful if you ever have an off day! Or–better yet–prevent you from having an off day!


Sonja Hoff

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12 thoughts on “How I Turn Around My “Off” Days

  1. Hi Sonja!
    Great post and very helpful, thank you for sharing your experience and about your daily routine. I can’t believe you wake up at 5, I can’t barely wake up at 6 to go to college.
    And I can completely relate with what you wrote about music. Sometimes listening to just one song can change my mood completely in a brief moment.
    I will definitely check out this app Motivation. I have something similar in my browser. There is this Chrome extension called Beautab Productivity Dashboard, and every time you open a new tab you have a motivation quote that changes daily.
    Once again, thank you for writing this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What usually gets me back on track is getting outside and walking! The physical paired with no phone, no computer gets me thinking about things in a more clear way, and I end up solving all my issues before I get back home. I love that you use music too! Love that, put on something that makes you feel good and sing away! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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