25 Things Before 25: Week 2 Update


It sure was a stressful week this week with being sick and having issues with my foot from being stung by a stingray while I was in Florida. Here’s what happened:

Back Into Work Full Swing

I just got back from Florida at the beginning of the week, so this update comes to you post-vacation and adjusting from beach life to work life. At my job, you have to sometimes pull a 10 to 11 hour shift on Friday and Saturday nights. While I didn’t have to pull that shift on Friday, I did on Saturday. Everything was going well–it was a steady night, which is good in my world. As soon as it slowed down, I immediately felt a fever coming on and dizziness along with a head ache. I thought I was just tired from burning the candle at both ends with working two jobs and keeping up on social appearances. I was in for a little more of a trip when I thought to check my foot–it was pretty bruised all week from being stung in between the toes.

Remember My Fun Trip to Florida?

So a week prior, I had been stung by a stingray in Clearwater Beach. I wasn’t in any pain after initially being stung and treated at the local fire station. The firefighters did say to watch for infection and I suddenly had thought of this at work when I began feeling sick. I took off my boot and sock to notice that my foot went from a decent sized bruise to extremely inflamed and a large red area around the wound–you can read more about the experience by clicking here.

Once I got into a doctor Sunday, they told me to take it easy and prescribed me antibiotics to treat the infection. I am not one to ever take it easy, but I have been good about taking my antibiotics. All in all, I am feeling better aside from this awful cold I have been fighting at the same time! This week was a bit of a rough one for me, so I didn’t accomplish as much of my 25 Things Before 25 tasks as I was hoping.

What I Have Accomplished

I wrote last week that I didn’t complete as many of my 25 Things Before 25 tasks as I had hope in Week 1… Well, the universe was listening and gave me a little reminder to not be so tough on myself. This week I accomplished 8 tasks and had a tough time doing so! Honestly, I am going to just be proud of myself for getting anything done at all with being so sick and working so much. Also, beyond just working away at each individual task, I worked towards my October goals and got a lot of writing done! This week, my focus and ability to participate in activities was compromised, but here is what I did accomplish:

  1. Completed 4 of my routine workouts (Number 8)
  2. Got a new set of nails (Number 9)
  3. Memorized a bible verse (Number 12)
  4. Tried a new product (Number 18)
  5. Saw a new movie (Number 22)

My Progress in Perspective

As I mentioned, being sick and having my foot injury definitely got the best of me this week. I took the time to crunch the numbers, and while they aren’t looking wonderful, I am still on track to meet my goals. I am trying not to be too hard on myself because we all need a break now and again; getting sick is kind of a good reminder to slow down sometimes. At the end of Week 2, I have completed 8 new tasks and 22 tasks total of 900. I should be averaging 17-18 a week with 5 to 6 being my routine workouts. As you can see, I have not participated in all of my workouts due to being sick. No one wants to be in the gym next to someone coughing and sneezing everywhere, right? I only went on the days I woke up feeling good enough. I don’t think I have been sick all year, so this is really a shock to me.

Goals for October

Although I have spent the week either in bed or at work, I did make progress towards my October goals that I shared with you all last week. My October goals are:

  1. Have at least one thing in each category completed by the end of the month, since I have 14 categories with nothing in them after the first week.
  2. Post 2 or more blogs per week describing these adventures.
  3. Add videos of my experiences to Instagram!

I did add to 2 more categories, so that leaves only 12 categories with nothing in them after Week 2! I began writing 2 blog posts (they weren’t actually published until Week 3). I also, added videos to my Instagram story which brought a lot of feedback! All in all, I am glad I chipped away at each of these goals so that in the next 21 days I will likely have completed each goal!

Thanks for tuning in to see how Week 2 has gone! Check back for the Week 3 Update next Monday!

I’m off to watch my Packers play Monday Night Football!


Sonja Hoff

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13 thoughts on “25 Things Before 25: Week 2 Update

  1. I am so proud to see the things you’ve accomplished and wishing you all the best for your goals this month. I have been really trying to go back to blogging after a recent vacation and so far, it’s been really hectic but hopefully, I can be more settled soon.


  2. Oh my goodness that is scary getting bit by a stingray! Glad you are ok and feeling better now. Sometimes life gets in the way despite our plans and best intentions. You’ll get back to it though & slay those October goals!

    Liked by 1 person

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