7 Necessities for Flying

I am usually not one to be overly prepared for travel with packing in advance or having a checklist, but I always have what I need to get me through the flight! Here are my travel necessities:

1) Filtered Water Bottle

No, you can’t take water through airport security… You, also, don’t want to spend $6 on a water bottle at stores by your gate. But, you definitely need to ensure you stay hydrated while you spend your day traveling.

I bring an empty filtered water bottle with me to the airport and fill it up at water fountains after I am through security. This way, I save money and I don’t have to wait on someone to wait on me at a restaurant or on the plane to get good, filtered water.

It is so worth the investment, and it is useful in your daily life. I bring my water bottle with me to the gym, in the car while running errands, to work, and to my room when I am sleeping. This way, I have access to filtered water always, and I make sure that I am drinking enough water.

2) Your Favorite Devices and Headphones

I am not the kind of person to be irritated by every little thing that happens on a flight. Yes, there is a simple etiquette people should follow while traveling, but I will never be the person to be angry about crying babies on a plane. That is because I will always have headphones on me with a full charge and a back up plan. I am obsessed with my AirPods, but I always bring a backup pair of headphones just in case.

Also, I bring my iPad with movies already downloaded onto it, and my phone with music that I want to listen to already downloaded. This way, I prevent having to pay for WiFi or downloading entertainment while up in the air.

Make sure to have a full charge on your devices before leaving the house so that you don’t have to worry about your phone, tablet, laptop, or headphones die. If they do…

3) Portable Battery & Chargers

The most annoying thing on a flight while you are watching your favorite movie or playing a game on your tablet is to have your device’s battery die. Also, having to wait to charge your device once you land is the most inconvenient thing, but it must be done. If you get a portable battery pack and bring your USB charging cords, you’ll be prepared to charge multiple devices or one device multiple times!

Again, the portable battery is good to have for so many other things than just flying. Think about how many activities you do where you don’t have access to an outlet… Yeah, this is definitely worth buying. You can get these for $10 at Walmart if you are in a rush, but I shared a higher quality charger that lasts a lot longer. This is one of those things where you get what you pay for–if you want a portable battery that will last longer and charge faster, you might have to pay a higher price.

4) Comfort Items

I know there are some of you who absolutely cannot sleep on a flight, so this may not apply to you specifically. I have my cute, leopard-print neck pillow that I love, but it is so not convenient to pack into a carry-on or personal item. The item featured above is so much more convenient to pack, and it is comfortable. You just wrap it around your neck, secure it with the Velcro tab, and relax or rest your head against it. Simple enough, right?

Another thing that you should always bring on a flight for comfort is layers. No one wants to lug around a big blanket or jacket in the airport. For me, the less I have to carry, the better! Pretty much, if it won’t fit in my back pack, I won’t bring it with. I just bring a nice, over-sized sweater or jacket that I can wear if I get cold, or I can squeeze it easily into my backpack. Which brings me to the next necessity:

5) A Small Backpack with Organizational Compartments

A good backpack that keeps all of your things organized can help take away the stress of traveling. When you go through security, you can remove your devices easier if they have their own space. Also, when you have your backpack shoved under the seat in front of you, you don’t want to be digging through your bag forever trying to find something. If you have a high quality backpack with a laptop or tablet compartment, you’ll be able to access those devices with ease.

6) A Good Book

This is the book I just read, the book I am reading right now, and the book I am reading next. The first two are fast reads that could be finished within a plane ride or two. I don’t even know what book I’ll be reading while I am flying to Nashville next month, but I think it is always a good idea to bring a book with you because you never know when that could be your only form of entertainment!

Click here for more great books!

7) Protein Bars

Yes, you can actually bring snacks through airport security. That being said, you’ll want to bring something with high protein and enough sugar to get you through your travel day. I always keep a few with me when traveling because there isn’t always time to get food, or there isn’t always something that you’ll want by your gate.

Aside from that, it is way cheaper to bring your own food than to buy meals at an airport. Also, protein bars are easily packed away and are a good source of energy. Of course, these may pale in comparison to a good meal, but protein bars do provide you with a good source of energy!

I hope you find these products to be helpful for your next trip!

What else is a necessity for your travels? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Yes for this list, so useful! I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle, I still don’t understand how it’s so expensive to buy water at the airport lol

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