5 Reasons You Should Take Your Dog to Doggy Daycare

I am one of those crazy obsessed dog mom. I am not ashamed about it either. For those of you who have followed along with my blog, you know that having a puppy has been nothing short of a learning experience for me. The one thing I am so happy I got Lady involved in after she had gotten fully vaccinated is doggy daycare. Here’s why:

1) Burn Off Energy

Lady is an Australian Cattle Dog which means she has a lot of energy. When I first adopted her, they told me that she would need a lot of activity. Living in a suburban home without other dogs to play with or cattle to herd means that she needs something else to burn all of the energy she has. Outside of our morning run, doggy daycare has been the best way for Lady to burn off all of that energy.

Usually when I am driving her home, she falls asleep all curled up with her head resting on the center console. It is seriously the sweetest thing ever. I just know that she had so much fun and is so tired from running around with other puppies all day long. Usually, Lady is tired the next day, too!

2) Socializing with Other Dogs

Since Lady is my only pet, she only gets interaction with other dogs when she is at doggy daycare. This has been the most helpful for when we are on a run or hike and Lady sees other dogs. She knows how to interact with them better and is excited rather than threatened.

Also, this has helped when my brothers girlfriend brought her dog, O’Ryan, over. The dogs that I have had growing up were always very territorial, but they were never socialized like Lady has been. It is so nice that my brothers girlfriend could bring her dog over and they could play so well together! I know that this is because of her experience at doggy daycare.

3) It is Hard Work!

Being a dog mom is hard. I am always pouring my attention into my pup, and sometimes you just need a day to get things done. Lady, my puppy, goes to doggy daycare every Tuesday and Thursday even when I don’t have work. This way, I have two days to do whatever needs to be done: whether it be house chores or a lunch with my girl friends.

PLUS, you don’t have to feel guilty for leaving your pup at home. I always feel bad leaving Lady, even for a short period of time. If she is at daycare, I know she is having a blast playing with other dogs while I am running errands or (usually) working. It’s good to give yourself a little bit of a break while spoiling your fur baby.

4) Learning

It is important for your dog to learn to listen to commands from other people. It reiterates what you have been teaching your dog and can help with them learning boundaries. At home, your dog may run up to you and give you kisses, but that isn’t necessarily how they interact with other people. At daycare, they learn how to better interact with dogs and humans!

Also, by having your dog around other people who are experienced with dogs, they will learn how to better interact with other humans. You can always tell when someone knows how to interact with dogs by how they approach your puppy. I remember one time when I was hiking with Lady and this woman asked to pet her. I agreed and warned her that she sometimes gets so excited she’ll jump up, and she just gave her these neck scratches in a way that made her unable to jump. I was so impressed with how Lady responded, and I knew it was because of her time at doggy daycare.

5) Comfort for Boarding

There are times where you have to travel for work or vacation, and your dog cannot come with. In this case, you’ll usually board your dog, right? I honestly don’t know if other dogs are apprehensive when it comes to boarding because Lady boards at the same place she does daycare.

I have only boarded her twice, but Lady will run straight to the back with her tail wagging fiercely. I lie and tell myself that she doesn’t know that she is boarding so that is why she is so excited. I cried the first time I took her to boarding because I didn’t feel like she would miss me. I know that is silly, but it actually is comforting to me now knowing that she is so comfortable at daycare that boarding isn’t so difficult for her.

Since boarding is just something you have to do as a dog owner, it will make it so much easier to have your dog in doggy daycare and used to being in that environment.

Overall Benefits

I am so grateful that I found such a great place to take care of my puppy and give her the type of love that I do when I am not there. If the alternative is to leave her in a crate for hours, I definitely would choose to have her running and playing with other dogs. Definitely look into having your dog in doggy daycare once in a while, especially if your dog is the only pet at home!

What I am Grateful For Today:

I wrote today about doggy daycare because I was just feeling so appreciative of this service. Having other people, outside of my family, that love and care for Lady like I do is so incredible.

What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments!


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