3 Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

I am not talking about lavish gifts… although I am sure your loved ones would appreciate it!

I am actually talking about those things that someone would love to do, but wouldn’t do alone or buy for themselves!

1) Quality Time

I know that I don’t need to tell you guys that the material things aren’t as important as the memories we make. That being said, consider spending time rather than money on your loved ones, first.

It is that time of year where everyone seems to be in a rush to prepare for hosting holidays, gifting, traveling, or going to holiday events. Combine those personal events with work intensifying this time of year, and you really get a shortage of free time. That is why I think making time to spend your valuable time on someone is so meaningful.

Intentionally setting a date to have a family dinner, a movie night, a cookie decorating competition is actually hard to do this time of year. That is why it is so important to create these opportunities. If that means you have to request a day off work or reschedule plans with someone else, do it. These memories with the people you love the most will last a lifetime! And their is no better way to spend the holiday season than with family.

2) Spa Treatments

As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, this is the stressful time of the year. The one thing that people forget to do or don’t allocate their own funds to is self-care. Now, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to send your mother-in-law on a spa day, rather get a Groupon for a salon appointment, a massage, a pedicure. And, hey the massage would be good for literally anyone.

I shared in one of my first ever blog posts about how I got everyone of my family members a massage for Christmas one year, and believe me, it was worth it. While some of my siblings would never in a million years have thought to go and get a massage, they all enjoyed it. Then again, it truly isn’t for everyone. I just love this idea because it is sometimes the last thing someone would think to do for themselves at this time of year.

The very rare family photo with my parents and each of their six kids (Christmas 2015).

3) Plan an Outing!

Is there a spectacular site to see in your area in the winter time? For us in Colorado, it could be anywhere from Denver Zoo Lights to the Ice Sculptures in Vail. It might be a trip, but it is worth planning. Take a day to spend time with your people. After all, isn’t that the most valuable thing we have to give?

Spoil your loved ones with a day that you know they’ll love and some quality time spent. There is nothing like ooh-ing and aah-ing at a beautiful site with your favorite people. PLUS, it is a new memory made and a new experience for you all to have.

This can be done in a lavish way or on a budget. Do some research to see when your local parade is, what events are happening, where the best places are to see Christmas lights, and so on. There will be something available on any budget, so planning an outing is so worth it.

My dad and I at the Denver Botanic gardens (2015).

What I am Grateful For Today:

My sister and I at the Denver Zoo Lights in 2015–a wonderful family outing.

Coming from such a huge family, there was always so much going on during the holiday season. As adults, it takes so much coordination to get the whole family together for any event or occasion. I am so grateful that we all have been able to spend a holiday together along with trips to the Denver Botanic Gardens and Zoo Lights. Each one of these memories are ones I will cherish for my lifetime and I am so grateful!

What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments below!



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8 thoughts on “3 Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

  1. Well, you did a fantastic job. Instead of recommending some easy to buy stuff you just focused on what’s really important – building connections and relationships. Excellent reminder. So glad I didn’t read another buy this or that for someone you love.

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