How-To: Lash Application

I have been doing the same lash routine for the last 6 years and I frequently am asked how I am able to apply my falsies and make it look natural. I (finally) thought I would share my how-to with you all so you can see how easy it is to get your dream lashes daily!

I know magnetic lashes are so in right now, but I have mastered my glue-on lash routine and so can you!

**Make sure your hands and tools are clean before putting anything directly on your eyelid**

Watch the video by clicking here!

Step One: Apply Mascara First

This may come as a shock to many, but I can make a pack of 5 sets of lashes last a whole month long! I can maybe even make them last longer if I am not too hard on them! I accredit this to the care I take of each set (which we will go into later in this post).

The first thing to do is apply your mascara and let it dry. Lash application is the second to last step in my makeup routine for the very purpose that I do not want all of my makeup getting on the lashes. I—like most of you—want perfect, jet black lashes! This means NO clumpy mascara stuck to the bottom and no powder particles hanging out on the top. SO, apply mascara first!

I use the Kiss Lashes-Style 01 and their Strip Eyelash Adhesive!

Step Two: Shape the Lash (optional)

I didn’t mention this in the video, but I have small eyes. For that reason, I like to take the lash and bend it on the outer edges to make sure it forms to my eyes. I would rather have to pull to open the crescent shape of the lash than have a lash that is too straight and might not hold correctly to the inner third of my eye.

Sometimes I take the lash and wrap it around my lash glue tube to get the more curved shape that I want.

This could, also be the step where you trim your lashes if the strip is just too darn long for your eye! I use cuticle clippers if I find myself with lashes like that.

Step Three: Use Tweezers or and Applicator

Personally, I like the lash applicator that come in many of the packages; however, tweezers will work all the same.

I always grab the lash from the right side with my right hand and proceed to the glue.

Step Four: Use Brush-On Glue Conservatively

I like to use the brush-on glue because I have more control over how much glue I am putting on the lash than if I was using a tube. Also, I use clear glue because it is less messy.

When brushing on the glue, apply a light layer only. Yes, you want the whole strip to have glue, but only a small amount. The more glue you use, the less control you have in placement of your lash and you are likely to have glue run into your eye.

Step Five: Let Glue Slightly Dry

To keep your lashes sleek and perfect looking, you will avoid excess mess by letting the glue dry slightly before application. This way, glue will be more bonded to the lash and you can move the lash without getting glue all over your eyelid.

Step Six: Applying the Lashes

I always use my left ring finger on the left side of the lash to hold the lash in the place I want. Then, I use the applicator in my right hand to pull the lash to the other end of my eye and as close to the lash line as possible.

Hack: you can, also, use the end of your eyeliner if you don’t want to use your finger!

Step Seven: Repeat Steps Three through Six

I use the exact same technique for both eyes. This means that while doing my right lash, the applicator is holding the outer edge of the lash while my left ring finger holds the inner edge to my inner eye. When I am doing my left lash, the applicator is holding the inner edge of the lash while my left ring finger holds the outer edge to my outer eye.

If you are able to use your left hand to hold the applicator or tweezers for the application of the left lash, that’s great! I just don’t have full mobility or strength in my left thumb due to a freak accident years ago, so I stick with the applicator or tweezers in my right hand!

And there you have it—perfect lashes in minutes!

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below!



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    1. Yes! Those are the new fad. I’m partial to glue-on lashes because I have been doing the same thing for so long and the price point is so reasonable.


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