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Camelback Hiking Backpack

This is by far my favorite Amazon purchase! This Camelback is able to hold not only my water, food, and jacket, but 2 water bottles for my dog, her food, and doggy bags. Often I pack protein bars, keys, wallet, and accessories as well! It is expensive at its regular price, but there are great deals throughout the year. I paid about $90 for mine on sale. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

Apple Watch Band

I love this watch band because it takes away from the bulk of the Apple watch and blends it more to my aesthetic. The links are removable so you can adjust it to any size!

Shop here for the dress on the left. Shop here for the dress on the right.
Wedding Guest Dresses

I originally bought both of these for options to wear to my friends wedding (along with 1904897 other dresses). Once I decided on the dress I was wearing, I opened up options to my sister. We both ended up choosing dresses from Amazon! The shorter dress is made for bustier women, so size down! The long dress is 97% polyester and not forgiving, so size up if there is any question. Also, double sided tape would be a good investment just to make sure the girls stay in place and remove the tag(it is way more comfortable once removed). Overall, we LOVED these dresses!

Quick Read!

I had so many people recommend this book, so I bought it and read it on the beach in South Carolina in June. I have never read a book over 300 pages in less than 36 hours for pure joy until this book. I could not set it down! If you like a good story, you might find this book to be the same way for you!

Food Prep Containers

If you do meal prep, these are the greatest containers to use! They come in a pack of 50, so you could prep every meal and snack for the week in its own separate container. I especially love that they are under $20! They are dishwasher friendly and microwaveable. What more could you ask for?


These are the exact lashes I wear daily. Amazon only sells them in two-packs so they are more expensive. Occasionally they do go on sale, so I do buy them whenever they drop down to less than $22. I have referred so many of my local friends to buy them at Walgreens, Walmart, or the local grocery store that this style is often out of stock. I am obsessed with this style and won’t wear any others for my everyday look, so I do order from Amazon often. These are the Kiss lashes in No. 01. I will also link the glue I use here.

Long Apple Lightning to USB

I always have a dead phone and–let’s be real, Apple users–non Apple brand chargers don’t last! I have bought a few of these because they are so convenient: you can use your device without being stuck next to an outlet! This cable is 2 meters long which makes it perfect for the car or anywhere around the house! Plus, since it is Apple brand, it will work for the long haul! I am never buying the regular length charger again.

Chuck Taylors

Everyone has to have a good pair of Chuck Taylor’s. They are durable and quick cycle in the washing machine is enough to make these babies look brand new! I love these for a casual look and the price is right!


This hat has been a staple in Fall 2020 fashion. I actually used to be the Carhartt Specialist at Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply.

Abstract Oversized Sunnies

I seriously LOVED these. If the ocean hadn’t stolen them away from me the second day of vacation, I would have all of the pictures. Amazing value–high quality!

“Bee Kind” Crew Neck

This crew neck was exactly what I was expecting: comfy, lightweight, and loose-fitting. I don’t usually wear graphic tees, but this impulse buy ended up so cute! TTS–go up a size for length if needed.

Removeable Cup Holders for Your Car!

I don’t mention it a lot on the blog (I wonder why?), but my most frequent purchases on Amazon are items for my car. If you think about it, you are in your car so often. It’s like my second home. Anyhow, I drive a Jag. I’m not sure in other cars, but I only have one cup holder and almost no center console! I bought two of these to tuck between the two front seats and the console and it mad such a difference! Now I have a place for my phone and misc. items that I have on me at all times to go while I am driving, and the passengers in my car have a place to hold their beverages! They always stay in place and I highly recommend!

Turntable Cosmetic Organizer

This is a must have if, like me, you have a lot of skin care and makeup products. Especially with the organization fad that is happening, this is perfect to keep all of your daily use items organized and presentable. Almost all of my skin care is housed here in my bathroom along with my favorite makeup brushes and foundations. It is not big enough to hold everything (of course), but I love that I can access my most used items easily and see all of the products!

Resistance Bands

These guys saved me during the COVID restrictions when everything (including the gym) was shut down. I incorporated these bands into my at home workout and did mostly resistance training. Since workout equipment is available again, you can find these on Amazon for a great price! Different colors have different levels of resistance!

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