10 Things to do Before Christmas

Since the holidays are coming up soon, I thought I’d share a few things that I like to do before Christmas! 1) Decorate In my household, we decorate the house and put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I know some of you might already have yours up! But, for those of youContinue reading “10 Things to do Before Christmas”

3 Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

I am not talking about lavish gifts… although I am sure your loved ones would appreciate it! I am actually talking about those things that someone would love to do, but wouldn’t do alone or buy for themselves! 1) Quality Time I know that I don’t need to tell you guys that the material thingsContinue reading “3 Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season”

4 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Have any of you seen Mariah Carey’s video where she falls asleep in her Halloween Costume at 11:59 on Halloween, and then she wakes up decked out in Christmas pajamas with “All I Want For Christmas is You” playing at 12 am on November 1st? I know it’s only November 3rd, but these last twoContinue reading “4 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season”

Practical Gift Giving on a Practical Budget

I’ve seen so many blog posts about how to gift during the holiday season… but none of them really appeal to my sense of efficiency and generosity. I️ want to spoil everyone! At the same time, I’m paying off debt, saving for a house, and getting ready for a tight budget (January through March areContinue reading “Practical Gift Giving on a Practical Budget”