3 Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

I am not talking about lavish gifts… although I am sure your loved ones would appreciate it! I am actually talking about those things that someone would love to do, but wouldn’t do alone or buy for themselves! 1) Quality Time I know that I don’t need to tell you guys that the material thingsContinue reading “3 Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season”

5 Ways to Show Your Gratitude

Happy November, everyone! As we enter the Holiday season, you’ll get bombarded with ads of the coolest and newest toys, electronics, jewelry, and cars. I know I don’t need to remind you to take a personal inventory for what you already have and be grateful for that first, but I do want to urge youContinue reading “5 Ways to Show Your Gratitude”

25 Things Before 25: Number 20 Family

Visit 25 out of state family members! Siblings Most of you know that I am one of six kids and only one of my siblings lives in Colorado at the moment. We have had times where only three of us have lived in Colorado, but since 2003 there has always been three or more ofContinue reading “25 Things Before 25: Number 20 Family”