25 Things Before 25: Week 4 Update

10/18/19-10/24/19 I am so excited to announce that this is my 50th blog post on Simply Sonja! I am 4 months back in the blogging world, and I am loving every minute of it! Aside from reaching this milestone, this was such a great week of work! Sometimes, I get sucked into working longer hoursContinue reading “25 Things Before 25: Week 4 Update”

25 Things Before 25: Week 2 Update

10/4/19-10/10/19 It sure was a stressful week this week with being sick and having issues with my foot from being stung by a stingray while I was in Florida. Here’s what happened: Back Into Work Full Swing I just got back from Florida at the beginning of the week, so this update comes to youContinue reading “25 Things Before 25: Week 2 Update”

25 Things Before 25: Week 1 Update

9/27/19-10/3/19 What an epic week! Here’s what happened: Trip to Florida So the first week after turning 24 has been interesting to say the least. It began in Florida at my sisters new house in Tampa. My friend, Dana, and I went down there to visit my sister and celebrate my birthday. This trip wasContinue reading “25 Things Before 25: Week 1 Update”

25 Things Before 25: Number 9 Nails

Try 25 new nail colors! Self Care While this whole adventure is a journey of self growth, I think it’s so important to take a break and do something to rejuvenate. Anyone who follows me on social media knows that I like to have my nails done in a fun and different design every fewContinue reading “25 Things Before 25: Number 9 Nails”